Speech therapy with Android: Exercises for the mouth and tongue motor skills

Sometimes in life, pronunciation just doesn’t work the way you want it to. This may be due to a speech motor control disorder. Dysarthia, which can occur after a stroke, can cause damage to the brain, for example. Other possible causes include congenital or appropriated imbalances in the muscles around the mouth, known as myofunctional disorders.

Motor speech therapy exercises can help to improve mouth and tongue movements. With patience and regular practice, you can often get your tongue and mouth back into shape. SpeechCompanion will be your trusty exercise partner on this journey.

SpeechCompanion comes with a collection of short videos in which a speech therapist shows you an exercise. You or your therapist can put together the exercises. Practice is conducted with SpeechCompanion playing the videos that have been put together. At the same time, your front-facing camera (if you have one) is used to show you how close you are to the example video.


  • Videos with speech therapy exercises
  • Compilation of tutorial videos for practice lists
  • Playing exercise lists
  • Mirroring via front-facing camera to monitor the exercise

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(Deutsch) Sprechstörungen

(Deutsch) Eine Sprechstörung oder ein Sprechfehler ist die Unfähigkeit, Sprachlaute korrekt und flüssig zu artikulieren.

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