The LightCompanion gives you a sense for light intensity. It displays the light intensity of your environment as an absolute number in Lux or Foot-candle.

Do you know how bright it is at an overcast day? How bright in a lightened apartment? At your work?

Our human eye adapts fast to different light situations. If it get used to “bright” or “dark” it is hard for us to define the absolute light intensity.

Light influences our well-being. This happens slowly and unknowingly. The adaptiveness of our human eye makes it difficult for us to evaluate the light intensity and thus, to influence our well-being by light.

The LightCompanion as light meter helps you to improve this.

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(Deutsch) Die Beleuchtungsstärke oder Leuchtdichte ist die empfundene Helligkeit einer Lichtquelle. Physikalisch gibt die Beleuchtungsstärke die Dichte eines Lichteinfalls in einen Punkt der Oberfläche an.

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