Overweight or underweight? An extensive deviation from recommended body weight could be a health risk. The way to get a normal weight is often hard. The WeightCompanion supports you on that way. It simplifies extensively recording and observing your body weight.

The WeightCompanion takes care of your body weight values. It stores them and provides you with different textual and graphical analysis. The WeightCompanion ensures that you can add measurements very easily and thus, very efficiently.

The WeightCompanion allows you to export your measurements for your doctor or to share them with your family and friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Feature summary of WeightCompanion:

  • Rapid detection of blood pressure values.
  • Graphical evaluation of blood pressure values.
  • Export as PDF or text file for distribution to doctors, etc. (available as In App extension)
  • Ability to share values with family and friends
  • Widgets for the Android homescreen
  • Import of values from digital weight scales (Fitbit, Withings)

Android app on Google Play     WeightCompanion - Amazon Appstore for Android

Knowledge base with frequently asked questions (FAQ) and support form: Knowledgebase & Support

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The Withings Wireless Scales connect in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to measure your weight and BMI and sync it automatically with Weight Companion every time you step on it.

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